Friday, 26 February 2010

Labour Bullies Anti Bullying Charity

National Bullying Helpline (NBH) was established in 2002 and acquired Charity status in 2007. NBH has traditionally been associated with workplace bullying advising both employees and employers - but recently extended its remit to cover all nature of bullying, specifically playground bullying and bullying within neighborhoods and local communities. The charity can advise and speak on a variety of issues and to become the instinctive 'port of call' for those struggling with bullying issues. NBH works with the media on issues which have a bullying element. Where confidentiality is sought it is always given - unconditionally. NBH relies on gifts and donations and operates with the support of Employers and the Voluntary sector in Wiltshire.

The National Bullying Helpline is the only Charity in the UK providing Free support in all corners of Society, whatever the nature of the bullying (abuse, physical assault, discrimination, wrongful dismissal, bullying at home or in the community, hurtful remarks, bullying in schools - both in the playground and the staff-room). Their mission is to provide professional, timely, support to those who need it. They specialize in Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Facilitation, Law and Training and Development.

So there is some irony in their being bullied by the Labour government. The attack came when Christine Pratt, NBH chief executive and founder, said staff from No 10 had contacted her. Ms Pratt was widely criticised for going public and has offered to resign. The Charity Commission has said it will prevent any more details of calls being disclosed and is also investigating the helpline after getting 160 complaints. Mrs Pratt spoke out last weekend following allegations in a book about Gordon Brown's temper and behaviour towards staff.

The Charities four patrons stepped down, and the helpline shut down, but it has since reopened. I was surprised to hear one of those patrons was Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe. Mrs Pratt has given no information about those who called her despite being challenged to do so by Labour; so it seems to me that she has kept her confidentially. Labour of course has a history of this; Dr Kelly died after they gave his name to the press. The way they behaved over Jane Griffiths lost them the seat in 2005. She said "There is a serious problem of bullying within the party in Reading".

The row began on Sunday with a story in the Observer - based on a book by journalist Andrew Rawnsley - alleging that Mr Brown grabbed staff by the lapels, shoved them aside and shouted at them.

Reading Labours bully in chief has hit out at the charity, saying 'In her haste to help the Conservatives, Mrs Pratt not only breached her duty of confidentiality but failed to stand up any of her claims.' So challenging her to reveal more while attacking her for revealing anything. Typical of Martin. As is his name calling; 'the aptly named Christine Pratt' indeed. He gets a bit confused at one point, stating ' the National Bullying Helpline, whose existence must now be in doubt.' They exist as much as the Labour party does, who will remain the longer is a question. Labour nearly went bankrupt in 2008, they became morally bankrupt some years before.

Judging by the language coming from Martin I suspect most of the complaints about this charity are from Labour supporters. In which case I suspect they will thrive, the nation certainly needs them.

The irony there being that many people in Reading have been bullied by Martin, he once threatened me with violence and also with legal action. I stood up to him and his threats proved empty. So I call on all oppressed people to stand up to the bullies; thats how to defeat them.


Red Green Nick said...

There is certainly a rather macho and tribal culture in some circles in many political parties.

Many members of Reading Labour were not happy with Jane Griffiths so they did have a right to deselect her. The fact that they continue to support Martin Salter says a lot though!

dazmando said...

I agree. But many bloggers of all parties appear to be having a go at Mrs Pratt. I think as always the PM's office will get away with it, thanks to Bullying.

Adrian Windisch said...

Hi Nick, your right its up to them who they select. And its Janes right to say how the Reading Labour party behaved.

Dazmando, I think Gordon will get his soon enough. By having Dave Camerons endorsement on there website does seem unwise.