Wednesday, 6 January 2010

"Red Carpet Four" Greenpeace Activists Have Been Released

The "Red Carpet Four" activists - Juan, Nora, Christian and Joris - have been released by Danish authorities after spending 20 days detained in jail for staging a peaceful climate protest.

Activists and supporters sent thousands of letters to world leaders who failed to act in Copenhagen and Danish authorities who held the "Red Carpet Four" without trial - this pressure helped to ensure the freedom they regained today!

They were detained for a peaceful protest that demanded world leaders gathered in Copenhagen for the UN Climate Summit deliver the fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty we all expected. World leaders failed to do so.

Green activists such as Greenpeace will not stop demanding this - and we will not stop staging peaceful protests. As we continue to put pressure on world leaders to deliver the climate treaty they should have completed at the Copenhagen Climate Summit we are going to need you - and more like you. 15 million people have already voiced their demand for a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty. If all of us asked just one more person to act in solidarity with us - imagine the message it would send.

Ask someone to join you now, ask them to send their own letter and show their support for non-violent civil disobedience to demand climate action - until climate action is what we get.

While Juan, Nora, Christian and Joris have been released they are still facing trial. The more letters we send the more we tell Danish authorities that - in the face of climate change - the real crime is inaction!
Greenpeace International

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