Sunday, 3 January 2010

Islam4UK To Parade Through Wootton Bassett

A town famous for honouring fallen British soldiers brought back from Afghanistan reacted angrily yesterday to news that a controversial Islamist group plans to march through its streets.

Islam4UK says it will parade through Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, in the coming weeks. The group's website states that the event is being organised "not in memory of the occupying and merciless British military" but instead of Muslims who have been "murdered in the name of democracy and freedom".

Islam4UK is calls itself a "platform" for the extremist movement al-Muhajiroun. Its leader, Anjem Choudary, 42, a former lawyer from east London, said the protest would be peaceful, with "symbolic coffins" being carried to honour Muslim victims of the conflict. The march will not coincide with the return of dead soldiers, he added.

Al-Muhajiroun apparently wants this country to become an Islamic state, and refuses to condemn terror attacks here.

Hundreds line the town's High Street every week to watch as servicemen's bodies are driven from RAF Lyneham. They weren't pleased when Question Time turned up a few weeks ago, I can imagine how they will react to this.

Islam4UK say on their website:
"The proposed march by members of Islam4UK is however of a very different venture, held not in memory of the occupying and merciless British military, but rather the real war dead who have been shunned by the Western media and general public as they were and continue to be horrifically murdered in the name of Democracy and Freedom - the innocent Muslim men, women and children."

"It is quite extraordinary, that with well over 100,000 Muslims killed in Afghanistan in the last 8 years that those military serviceman who have directly or indirectly contributed to their death are paraded as war heroes and moreover honoured for what is ultimately genocide."

Chris Wannell, a councillor and former mayor, said: "If this man has any decency about him he will not hold a march through Wootton Bassett."

To me it does sound like they are looking to make what could have been a good point into something seeking publicity. Many thousands of innocents have been killed in Afghanistan, locals and foreigners also. Our leaders have yet to give any reasons, how many more must die before we learn the lesson?


dazmando said...

This could be very nad indeed, infact I can see this getting out of hand very quickly, It will be all over the press. I guess thats the idea

howard thomas said...

This is the man who despises our country and yet is happy enough to live with his family on the benefits paid by the state.
The very same peaceful chap who would like the UK to be a muslim state with sharia law where homosexuals would be stoned to death.
The very same man who drunk alcohol and smoked cannabis while he was a student and yet would like these things prohibited and punished under sharia law.
How much more do you want...............the man is an asshole and should be charged with conspiracy likely to cause a breach of the peace.
Bottom line ....if he hates the UK so much and wants to live under sharia law , then sod off to some part of the world where it operates and see if they will pay his keep !

Adrian Windisch said...

I suspect he wanted publicity, and he sure got it. Brown has wieghed in already ''The Prime Minister's view would be obviously that anything that is considered to be offensive to, or of concern to, families of troops wounded or killed in Afghanistan would be completely inappropriate.''

Well many of these families find it inapropriate that Brown sends yet more people to die there. That doesnt stop him.

Howard, he is not so different to many politicians. Please keep your language clean on here.

howard thomas said...

I hear that Wooton Bassett town coucil would not give permission for any such march by any number of people ........well done them.
As for my language , I thought I was quite polite considering who I was talking about!