Sunday, 10 January 2010

Green Star Of "By the People" Obama documentary

I enjoyed on TV last night "By the People", a documentary on Obamas campaign for President. The surprise was in the last few seconds, when one of the 'stars' featured, the 9 year old campaigner Lorenzo Rivera was shown campaigning for the Green Party! They had just gone throught the other people featured in the film, who had gone on to work for the Obama administration.


Chicago fifth grader Lorenzo Rivera is featured making canvassing calls. The Chicago fourth-grader is filmed making campaign calls on Obama's behalf in 2008. In the movie, filmmakers Amy Rice and Alicia Sams capture Lorenzo, only 9 at the time, handling a call to a confused voter with a calm and grace belying his young age.

What film captures the dreamy-eyed, idealistic youth and energy behind the Obama campaign and, tangentially, the willful stupidity and prejudice of much of the USA. A not-so-shining example is provided by a scene in which fourth grader Lorenzo Rivera, who has to be the youngest of all the young Obama phone canvassers, finally hangs up the phone on a woman who seems confused about elections, candidates and perhaps what planet she's on.

"I was calling people in Colorado and explaining to them who Obama was and why he was running for president," Lorenzo recalled. "But this man thought I was trying to sell him a llama. And then he thought I was talking about his wife Diana. It was funny at first, but then it got really frustrating. He just wouldn't listen to me. Lorenzo keeps his cool and ends the call with, "Hope you have a good day."

"I like being able to help people," he offered without hesitation when asked about his future. "I like the idea of a democracy and also the idea of different people being able to work together even though they have different opinions."

An HBO Documentary Films release of a Green Films Co. Directed by Amy Rice, Alicia Sams.

With: Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Robert Gibbs, David Plouffe, David Axelrod, Lorenzo Rivera, Ronnie Cho, Richard Wolffe, Lynn Sweet.


thehoatzin said...

Did he mention increasing the troops in Afghanistan?

And forgetting to close Guantanamo

And the cop out at Copenhagen

If you look at what he does, he's worse than Bush.

I mean objectively look at what he does.

Adrian Windisch said...

No thehoatzin, he is dissapointing, as I wrote about;

But not worse than Bush. Please read a bit more about Bush to recall just how bad he was.

thehoatzin said...

I may already had a pretty wide appreciation of George and all his faults. Maybe even before you?

I stand by my points. Obama's actions bear it out.

The point is, some of us weren't so naive as to think an American President would do any differently.

Adrian Windisch said...

Just like Tony Blair, many people thought they were getting something amazing with Obama, but no, politics as usual.

However Obama has at least done some good, he builds coalitions, not just going it alone (with poodle Blair following). And he has focused on Health care with a hostile congress.

He hasnt closed Gitmo yet, but at least he intends to do it. I wish he would leave Afghanistan.

thehoatzin said...

here's an appraisal of Mr Obama

Adrian Windisch said...

I'm watching Simon Schama on the subject now on BBC2, very interesting.

Do you expect a socialist website to be pro Obama? As for Bush

thehoatzin said...

I don't expect a Green Party member to be pro-capitalist...

The paternalistic racism of nice middle class folks not being able to see a black president for what he is, is quaint.

Adrian Windisch said...

thehoatzin, you are treating this as a pro Obama post, when I have already pointed out its not. You them post a socialist site to show Obama is worse than Bush, but it doesn't mention Bush. I post another link from the same source that does, you don't comment.

I then talked about Schamas assessment of Obama, which I find very interesting. You don't mention it, instead you launch a personal attack.

Fyi the Green Party is pro small business, not so keen on giant corporations.

If this is discussion is going nowhere, is there any point in continuing?