Sunday, 24 January 2010

Conservative Candidates Not Green

In a survey of Tory candidates last week, they gave the lowest priority to a reduction in Britain's carbon footprint! So some people are contacting their Tory candidates with the letter below to see how they feel about this vital issue. I suggest readers of this do the same.

Subject: Conservation Query
Dear .....
I was concerned to note the results of a survey of 140 Conservative candidates for parliament that suggested that climate change came right at the bottom of their priorities for government action.

I hope you can reassure me that you recognise the importance and success of climate change action by the UK government at home and internationally.

Can you clarify that:
You accept that climate change is caused by human activity?
Do you support the target to achieve 15% renewable energy by 2020?
Do you support the EU imposing tougher regulation to combat climate change?
Kind Regards

I was reading a telegraph blog that refers to asking Tory candiates questions like this as 'stalking by eco bullies' and it was organised by a 'eco-fascist organisation'. So much for democracy, and candidates abilities to answer questions. it was written by a Mr Delingpole who describes himself as a 'libertarian conservative', so much for go blue get green, more like Vote blue go raving.

James Delingpole on his blog says:
"One would like to think that any true Conservative’s answer to all these questions would be “No.” Or better still, a two-word answer beginning with “F-” and ending with “Off.” Unfortunately, that would be to confuse Dave Cameron’s current crop of brainwashed, career-safe, Blair-lite, eco-fluffy, Kool-Aid drinkers with the genuine article.
Meanwhile, if anyone can give me the low-down on which disgusting eco-fascist organisation is sponsoring these “spontaneous” emails, I should be most interested to hear."
His website is also full of such pearls of wisdom, climategate, a nasty personal attack on NASAs Dr Hanson.

Its been a long time since Mr Camerons promise of a "green revolution". In 2006 Mr Cameron said he wanted to see what he called "green growth" - a combination of economic growth and a sustainable environment. "Some of the green lobby and a lot of the media tend to look at the environment and climate change as, look you've got a binary choice, you can either have economic growth or you can have a sustainable environment, and the truth is we've got to have both. "We've got to have green growth."

The only sensible Green growth is the rise of the Green Party. Greens know that long term growth cannot be sustained with limited resources, it is not sustainable.


howard thomas said...

Adrain really need to check your typing before you press the button!

Adrian Windisch said...

Are they not consrevatives?

howard thomas said...

What exactly would a consrevative be?

Adrian Windisch said...

a conservative who has trouble spelling

weggis said...

But "consrevative" remains in the URL to this post -

Mind you, I do find that the most interesting Google search results occur when I have mistyped my question.

Try it, it's fun, I now do it on purpose.

Adrian Windisch said...

As you see, I corrected the title but didn't repost it, so the wrong spelling remains in the URL.

This post is dedicated to those who cant spell conservative.

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