Friday, 4 December 2009

Class War Labour Vs Tories

While it is true that a few of the shadow cabinet are very wealthy and went to good schools, much the same can said for Labour! Many are saying the attack is hypocritical.

A few examples:
Harriet Harman: Niece of the Earl of Longford, educated St Paul's;
Peter Mandelson St Catherine's Oxford (and Prince of Darkness);
Alastair Darling Privately educated;
David Miliband: Corpus Christi, Oxford;
Hilary Benn: Private prep school;
Ed Balls: Privately educated, Keble College Oxford;
Ed Miliband: Corpus Christi, Oxford;
Andrew Burnham: Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge;
Shaun Woodward; Harvard;
Tessa Jowell: Privately educated;
Yvette Cooper: Balliol, Oxford;
Peter Hain; Privately educated;
Andrew Adonis; Keble, Oxford

The exception is Alan Johnson, who had been the first former union leader in four decades to become a Cabinet minister when he was given the post of work and pensions secretary in 2004

More importantly the Joseph Rowntree Foundation reported only yesterday that poverty has actually got worse since 2004 and, overall, hasn't improved since 2000. Thursday’s report shows that poverty, unemployment and home repossessions started rising again in 2004, well before the recession. The study, by the New Policy Institute on behalf of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, shows that 13.4m people live in low-income households earning less than 60 per cent of the national average – the same level as 2000. The number of very poor households earning less than 40 per cent of the average is at its highest level for 25 years, at 5.7m.

The number of people unemployed and wanting work is at its highest since Labour came to power. The report reinforces the view of a “lost generation” of young British workers. Unemployment among 16 to 24-year-olds is higher than at any time since the foundation started publishing its yearly studies in 1993. On the core subjects of low income and employment the picture is bleak," said Peter Kenway, the report's co-author.

If Labour hate the Tory inheritance tax policy, then why did they copy it? I think its prejudice to think that somones school should disqualify them from a job. But then I have learned not to expect much from Labour.

They tried this at the Crewe and Nantwich by election last year, but it didnt work. Partly as the Labour candiate seemed as privileged as the Tory. The party had branded Edward Timpson, the Tory opponent, a “Toff” and Mr Cameron was been followed by the party's activists in top-hats and tails on his visits. Embarrassment was added to Labour unease yesterday when it emerged that one of those mocking Mr Cameron's class had himself attended a fee-paying school.

Incidentally, I went to a comprehensive, and then a polytechnic.

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