Thursday, 5 November 2009

UK Forcast to miss 2010 carbon-reduction goal

Forecasts of our likely failure to meet carbon reduction targets is putting UK Government credibility on climate change at risk, say independent analysts

We're likely to miss carbon reduction goals for 2010 by a wide margin, according to projections from Cambridge Econometrics.

Co-editor of the report professor Paul Ekins urged greater commitment to targets, saying:
It is imperative for UK credibility in this area that the 2020 targets do not [fail], but this requires strong action soon. The next Government (following the 2010 general election) would need to, urgently set out not only the details of its ambitious carbon-reduction policies, but also move swiftly to their implementation if it is to achieve the statutory goal of a 34 per cent reduction in GHGs by 2020. The achievement of the 2020 target would make it more likely that the UK will be on track for its longer-term target of an 80 er cent reduction in emissions by 2050.'

A spokesperson for the environment ministry rejected the analysis, saying it did not take into account the "ambitious measures" already put into place. He did not explain what "ambitious measures" he had in mind; expanding airports & widening motorways are just a couple of policies for increasing emissions.

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