Thursday, 29 October 2009

Susan Clarkson - Oxford Catholic Worker and peace activist, comes to Reading

Event this Saturday 31 Oct 10am to noon at RISC
Title : Faith and Resistance

Susan Clarkson from the Oxford Catholic Worker communnity will speak.

She has recently been in prison for her action of entering Northwood command centre and some of you will know her as she is a regular protester in front of Raf? USAF! bases.

Sentenced to 21 days in prison Ms Clarkson said in court that her “actions were both for the victims in Afghanistan and the young soldiers sent there” and that she did not want to pay the fine because it some of it would go to the military. The Magistrates were sympathetic but said they had to follow the rules.

Together with other Catholic Workers, Ms Clarkson was arrested on December 28th 2007 after putting red paint to symbolize the blood of the victims on the sign outside the HQ. A year later on December 29th 2008, she was arrested after entering the base to pray. December 28th is the Christian Feast of the Holy Innocents.

Aotearoa-New Zealand Peace Group
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The Oxford Catholic Worker communnity, Practising the Works of Mercy, Resisting the Works of War

Oxfordshire Peace Campaign 07949 320026
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