Friday, 2 October 2009

Open Letter To Gordon Brown On Trident


CND have sent an open letter to Gordon Brown.

Dear Gordon Brown,
Congratulations on your decision on three, not four, Trident replacement submarines.
But this is not enough. As long as Britain goes on telling the rest of the world that ‘security’ depends on nuclear weapons, other countries will want the same. Global insecurity will inevitably increase. The world needs negotiations aimed at the elimination of all nuclear weapons. This is not an option — it is a legal obligation.

The Cold War is over. Nuclear weapons make no sense — military  gures call them useless. They are massively expensive. They are no protection against terrorists or the effects of climate change. And there is always the possibility of catastrophic accidents — there have been
many near misses.

I urge you to scrap Trident and cancel the replacement programme entirely and to spend the billions saved on the real needs of our people. You would thus give constructive meaning to the ‘special relationship’. President Obama needs our help to achieve his positive vision — a nuclear weapon-free world.

Yours sincerely,
Bruce Kent

Public opinion is shifting rapidly against the £76bn cost of Trident replacement - polls show that Tory voters are evenly split on the issue - something unthinkable until recently.

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