Friday, 9 October 2009

Michael Moore new film Capitalism: a love story

Michael Moore the award winning film maker behind 'Bowling for Colombine' and Fahrenheit 9/11 has made a new movie; 'Capitalism: a love story'.

It features Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur “I mean some of them are criminals,” she says of the bankers and financiers who benefited “I think some of them belong in jail.”

Huffington Post says:"Michael Moore has made the most important and urgent political film of our time. In fact, he might have made the most American of films since the populist cinema of Frank Capra." I hope it gets a UK release soon.

You can see the trailer and an interesting debate with right wing presenter Sean Hannity

Last year he put a free movie on the Internet, Slacker Uprising. Two million people saw it on its first three days! Unfortunately its only free to people residing in the United States or Canada.

The film, intended by Moore “to bring out millions of young and new voters on November 4th.”, covers his tour just prior to the 2004 US Presidential election, rallying to protest against President Bush. It covers a 42 day tour, over 60+ cities, and the obstacles put in place by Republicans.

Michaels website has a letter 'Congratulations President Obama on winning the Nobel Peace Prize! You have filled the world with hope -- now you must make peace happen.' Well said.

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