Friday, 16 October 2009

Greens on Trial Newsnight

Wath Wednesday’s ‘Greens on Trial’ Newsnight special
20 mins in, to 32 mins.

Its very good, Caroline Lucas MEP, Zac Goldsmith and from John Sauven, UK Executive Director, Greenpeace were largely in agreement. Shame the other Tories don't agree, they have few plans for reducing carbon.

The presenter tries very hard to make some controversy with GM and nuclear. Would have been better to have had a different Tory, Zac seems to be the Green wing of his party.

Then Justin Rowlat does an 'ethical man' piece.

Later Franny Armstrong from 10:10 and Age Of Stupid did very well. Solitaire Townsend PR company

Rather than have just one show like this; it should be a regular feature. What is the government doing to reduce emissions; nothing. For years Labour have been pretending that things are happening, and the Tory/LD parliamentary opposition hasnt been questioning this complacency. We need some Greens in Parliament, and Caroline Lucas is just the person to do it.


howard thomas said...

Wasn't it Blair who said that global warming was the most serious problem facing the planet?
So what did he and GB do? Ah yes , tax it!
Did he believe in what he had said?

Adrian Windisch said...

They did do something, they talked about it. They also did change a few things, but at far too slow a pace.

They improved house building and recycling rates, but at a snails pace. I want every new building to be at the highest standard, and not on green belt or flood plain.

At the same time they spend billions on widening motorways, and expanding airports.

Time for a change.