Sunday, 18 October 2009

Climate Swoop At Ratcliffe-on-Soar Reporting

More than 1,000 demonstrators converged on the Ratcliffe-on-Soar site - one of Britain's biggest coal-fired power generators - with clashes breaking out. Police used dogs to try and prevent climate protesters taking down fences. Some activists were arrested, while others were bitten by police dogs and suffered other injuries.


One protester, Laura McFarlane-Shopes, said: "We were near the fence and some people were trying to get over. I was just in front of them. Horses and dogs started charging down. Police shouted that they were coming. They let the dogs on to me and one leaped up and bit my arm."


Some of the media are focusing on a policeman who was injured. The Camp for Climate Action issued a statement wishing the officer who sustained head injuries a "speedy recovery". The group said it had no details about the incident, adding: "The Camp for Climate Action is at Ratcliffe to confront the causes of climate change, not get into conflict with the police."
There is a video interview with a witness, who says the policeman had a fit, a medic from the protesters went to help the policeman, and that the other protesters stepped away from them. The police took the oppertunity to kettle the protesters in a violent way. This can be seen on the website, click on police office collapses.

Many will recall that on previous occasions, such as the summers G20, how the media can get the wrong impression and get carried away. Lets wait and see what this is about, patience is called for.

The 2,000MW coal-fired power station is owned by the energy company E.ON and is said to be one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide in Britain. Some protesters carried banners and cardboard gravestones bearing the words 'RIP E.ON' and 'RIP Ratcliffe'.

This youtube clip has an interview with local Green Party Cllr Richard Mallender about why he is protesting. we have all got to stand up. with Cllr Sue Mallender.

"I'm here because..."
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howard thomas said...

"not get in conflict with the police"----how could that be the case when people are trying to get over fences to get into the plant----it is sure to happen!

Adrian Windisch said...

There have been many climate camps, and other protests where it hasn't happened.

If you ask protesters they will often blame the police for the conflict that does happen, such as the G20 in London this summer.