Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Labour Conference

Peter Mandelson claims that there was an ideological "chasm" between Labour and the Tories. Gordon Brown spent a large part of his speech attacking the Tories, clearly the current economic problems are all their fault???

It is all part of the strategy for this Labour conference to convince the electorate that it has a choice between parties - pretending that there isn't a choice whether or not to kick out Gordon Brown.

Strangely enough the LibDem conference was much the same, they attacked the Tories, and ignored Labour. Why not blame UKIP for us joining the EU while they are at it? Its because they both see the Tories as the opposition, the ones they have want to compete with. And they are both thinking about a coalition if there is a hung parliament.

But the electorate must be thinking; 'Where have these people been for the last 12 years?' Labour have had a series of disasters, but have spun/rewritten history. They think voters have short memories. I think most voters are far more sophisticated than this.

Who can forget Gordon Browns, “there will be no return to Tory Boom and Bust”. Or the money he wasted on; ID cards, trident replacement, motorway widening, Iraq, Afghanisthan, data protection, education, crime, transport, MP expenses ...

Being a Green what annoys me most about Labour is that despite some fine speeches on the environment, emissions have continued to rise with Labour. They haven't had the gumption or courage to do anything much on this issue. Will the Tories be any different? Probably much the same, Cameron said 'There's barely a cigarette paper between us in all these areas' regarding the Lib Dems and the Tories, he must be thinking about a different coalition. All three big parties have been competing with each other on who can cut spending the most. And all have avoided a referendum on Europe. So much for differences.

Twelve years on, the poor have got poorer, social mobility has stalled and quality of life has gone down. But just because the Labour dream is over, that doesn't mean the dreams of those who supported them have died. So where can those people turn to now? Its time for the Greens.

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