Monday, 7 September 2009

Green Party Conference Coverage Last Week

This is the first conference I've missed in 4 years, so its nice to see it got some good coverage. Thinking that there might not be an election coordinator on the Green Party national executive I agreed to stand as a job share, but I didn't win. So Good luck Judy Maciejowska (who won) and to all the new GPEx members.

Conference Links:

The Guardian (comment is free): Caroline Lucas MEP: "Painting Westminster Green" - Caroline writes a piece on our prospects and hopes for our electoral success next year and about the conference itself

The Guardian - "Labour failure on climate change ‘a political crime’ " - an article on Caroline Lucas MEP’s speech to conference, outlining the main points that she put across

The Guardian - "Government should buy back PFI Hospitals, say Greens" - article based on NHS/PFI proposals in Adrian Ramsays’s speech

The Guardian - Michael White - "Greens swap hair shirts for card votes" - analysis of Green Party policies and comment on hopes for the General Election

== - "Greens look ahead to election push" - very positive article, praising the greens for the ‘altruistic’ nature of their conference. - "Lucas eyes commons seat" - another very positive article, this time focussing on Caroline Lucas MEP’s speech to conference.

BBC Online - "Greens Attack Climate Inaction" - overview of Caroline’s speech, again focusing on the political crime of not doing enough on climate change

The New Statesman - "Citizens or subjects?" - a report from the plenary panel with Liberty, Amnesty, Reprieve and Caroline

The Independent - "Have Greens finally found the right conditions in which to grow?" - portrays Greens as a mature political party that is preparing to gain prominence in British politics
The Morning Star: "Greens stand for more than just climate" - a very positive article outlining GP hopes for electoral success next year.
The Morning Star: "Greens Leader calls for rethink on sex work"
The Morning Star: "Greens say we must fight for working class votes"
The Morning Star: Green delegates for exit from Afghanistan, "Green Party blasts government for not supporting renewables"

Brighton Argus -- letter on conference ‘rape hotline’:

G-Scene on policing panel at conference:

Norwich Evening News: Greens Call for an End to N&N PFI Deal Outlines the Green Party’s objections to Private Financing of hospitals and schools, focuses on Adriam Ramsay as local candidate and deputy leader

Broadcast media

BBC Online - Video of Caroline Lucas MEP’s speech highlights

- BBC South (morning news regional package, twice an hour, the morning of the 3rd September)

- 5 Live Breakfast, 4th September (Caroline Lucas MEP),

- 5 Live Drive, 4th September (Adrian Ramsay),


Jim Jay said...

I was looking forward to seeing you! Wondered where you were. Oh well, see you next time (London in feb I think?)

Adrian Windisch said...

Sorry to miss all the excitement Jim, was at a family wedding in Italy, will blog about it soon. See you in London if not before.