Friday, 25 September 2009

Green Construction Blogs

I started writing a blog on Green Construction in February this year because I had some thoughts on the subject, and there didn't seem so be many others. It was a chance to post pictures and information on some eco houses, as well as the priciples behing green building.

I haven't put that much effort into it since then, but occasionally will blog about something of interest. So it was with some surprise that I was told I had become No. 27 of the top 50 Construction Blogs .

Thats 7th of 10 in Green Construction! I had a look at the others, most are in the USA and written by professional journalists!

Check out eartharchitecture its great. Particularly the pre electric persian refrigerators.


Francis Bell said...

GREAT News-you can not only heat and cool your home the earth friendly and clean geothermal way , but also heat your swimming pool!!!Please check it out- Francis

sharon wicks said...

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