Saturday, 19 September 2009

Freecycle Freegle Split

Along with many others, my local Freecycle Group has split with the founders of the movement, and become Freegle.

Why the change? The main reason for the move is simple. While Freecycle is a GREAT idea, all our UK groups were working under a system devised in and for the United States. Leaders of Freecycle in the UK spent more than two years talking with the main Freecycle Network trying to get the freedom to run things in a way more suited to our own country and our own laws. Nothing

In July four leading members of our National UK Freecycle team resigned. Moderators around the country then formed an Independent Association of Freecycle Moderators and again tried talks with The Freecycle Network. But again to no avail.

Since then an increasing number of Group Owners and Moderators have been summarily dismissed from Freecycle including the former UK Director of Freecycle UK and a member of our own moderation team here in Reading.

So what's Freegle? Freegle is the name chosen by the new UK ex-Freecycle team and will be a
much more loosely-knit umbrella organisation to assist in our original goals - not having to chuck stuff on the landfill. Local groups will have the freedom to essentially do as they wish in terms of rule changes, what we put on our front pages etc etc. We hope this is going
to be a positive step towards more democracy.

FreeGLE stands for "Freely Giving, Locally, Easily." Or something..

They say the reason is that 'Progressively since its beginnings it became evident that Freecycle changed radically under our feet while we were working to continue its success. This created an untenable situation for hundreds of volunteers in the UK. After patient negotiations with the founder of The Freecycle Network failed, Freegle was formed.'

They continue in keeping usable items out of landfill. All groups within Freegle belong to a truly grassroots movement that values and respects its members and volunteers.

Don't throw it away give it away!

You might not need your old sofa or wheelbarrow any more but there might be someone just round the corner who does. Or if there's something you'd like, someone nearby might have one that they might just throw away if they don't know what else to do with it.

Freegle groups make this happen online. Sign up, post an OFFER of something you want to get rid of, or a WANTED for something you need.

They are a national grassroots organisation of people who are giving and receiving free unwanted items in their immediate communities. Local charities, non-profit groups and communities are encouraged to join.

All groups within this organisation operate with a basic principle all offers and requests must be free and legal.

Our aim is to keep anything reusable out of our landfill sites. Plus meeting new people helps to develop local community networks and friendships in the process.

They apologise that they could not have informed members before the move. There was significant concern that Freecycle would take trademark-related actions against the group if they voiced their intentions.

Freecycle users

NOTE unfortunately you are now a member of both "" AND ReadingFreegleUK. It's up to you which you choose to stay with but it's worth noting that ReadingFreegleUK has all 15800+ original members and the site has about a hundred people.. Unfortunately we can no longer assist you with myfreecycle as our moderation privs were removed.

Cafe Group

Has not changed address and you can still talk about all things freegle or freecycle or whatever over there. :)


Moderators: ReadingFreegleUK-owner@yahoogroup


Freecycle remain at
It now has only 221 Members


David said...

Thank You Adrian for posting the update
The team that runs local Freegle Groups is happy to answer questions on our Cafe/Chat Site and will be announcing future improvements
Although we will provide the same service we will have a lot more freedom to support our local community
Part of Team Freegle

thawker said...

When does freegle become a charity? and who will get paid?

David said...

The way I see it is if Freegle decides to become a Charity, who will be paid or not will be decided by the Volunteers in consultation with whatever representatives bodies are set up.

At the moment discussions are ongoing as to how Freegle will be run so I cant give a definite answer.

I suppose it could be described as a Volunteers Collective.

For further Info visit
If your questions are not answered on site email the contact address for a more official response

A volunteer Freegle Mod

Adrian Windisch said...

The Ecologist has done this: