Friday, 14 August 2009

Nick Harvey Wins Hertford Ward of Scarborough Borough Council

Nick Harvey, who in Kirklees in 1996, has done it again, this time in the rural
Hertford Ward of Scarborough Borough Council.

13/8/09 result:
GREEN, Nick Harvey, 894
Con 356
Ind 94

Turn Out 32.69%

Green gain from Con, despite big Con last-ditch polling day effort.

2007 result (first time Nick stood)

Con 732
Con 709
LD 591
GREEN, Nick Harvey, 508
BNP 212

Nick has been getting himself involved, especially in his local village, and has done a lot of camapigning on issues like publicf transport, and the advertising thereof.

In addition, a lot of canvassing was done during the by-election.

The Green Party now holds 3 seats on Scarborough Borough Council, the other 2 being in Stepney Ward within Scarborough itself.

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