Friday, 21 August 2009

LibDem Reading West PPC Patrick Murray has given up

Following Martin Salter who gave up some months ago, the LibDem PPC has now also resigned.

LibDem Reading West ex PPC Patrick Murray said:
"I live and work in Oxford I have found that I have not been able to give as much of my time to the residents of Reading West as I should have liked.
"I am resigning now in order to allow the local Liberal Democrats time to select a candidate who can take the fight to Labour and the Tories and offer the voters of Reading West a real choice at the next election."

I always thought it was odd he was selected; he lives, works and campaigns in Oxford. Maybe they will get someone more local next time, who will do something in Reading. They do have Cllrs in the constituency after all. His idea of a real choice is a false one though, the LibDems are far too similar to the Tories.

Reading Chronicle says the Liberal Democrats yesterday launched a search for a new General Election candidate.

Tory Cllr Richard Willis describes him as an invisible candidate leaving them in turmoil!

Ind Cllr Tony Jones says 'The real alternative to the prospect of another Conservative MP can only be a local independent not aligned to any national party machine - as all the others are, including UKIP and the Greens.' Hinting that he may stand himself as an independent. As he has spent so long as spokesman for Labour its hard to see how he will be very different though.

The real alternative to the business as usual parties is the Greens, and I have the honour to be the candidate for Reading West. Greens put the common good before corporate greed and the public interest before private profit. We have the best policies for social justice and human rights; with policies for tackling the life-threatening dangers posed by global warming, environmental pollution, resource depletion and species extinction. The future is bright - bright Green.

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Green Gordon said...

Odd indeed. Pretty sure I went to school with him.