Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Green Party Internal Elections

Its time for the election of the Green Party national Executive. Some positions have only a single candidate, others have none and have been reopened. The following are contested.

External Communications
Tracy Dighton-Brown is standing again. Caroline Lucas, Jenny Jones, Derek Wall & Jean Lambert are said to support her.
Two well known Green campaigners and bloggers Rupert Read and Jason Kitcat are standing as a jobshare.

I will be voting for Rupert and Jason, as I know them, and they have a lot to bring to the position.

I met Jason 10 years ago working at Sunseed; it can be a small world sometimes. I was very impressed with Rupert in the Norwich North by election, he became a candidate with little notice, and ran a very strong campaign. They represent some of the strongest of recent Green sucesses; Brighton and Norwich.

There is also a contest for Chair;
Jayne Forbes has the support of Caroline Lucas, Jenny Jones & Jean Lambert.
Rayyan Mirza Green campaigners and blogger.

Again I'm voting for Rayyan as I've known him as a blogger, and met him campaigning in Norwich recently. Jayne also sounds like a good candidate.

I like that Rayyan has given a link to Jayne on his blog, Jayne has not yet reciprocated.


Rayyan said...

Hi Adrian, thanks for your vote - I really appreciate it. Hope you had a good time up in Norwich!

Jason Kitcat said...

Thanks Adrian, I hope it's ok that we've posted this on our site...

See you soon,

Derek Wall said...

Hi Adrian,

There were some very very big problems with the External Comms person in post before Tracy.

I have found Tracy really excellent to work with and I would be greatly disappointed if she was to forced out of her role,

I also agree with Caroline Lucas who notes 'As we enter a General Election year, it would be very damaging to risk disrupting all the good work she has done – I hope very much she will be re-elected to GPEX.'

Red Green Nick said...

Unfortunately there has been a bit of mudslinging (not directly from any of the candidates) so looks like the Ex Coms election will be suspended.
I voted for the ther candidates, but all of them look like they can do the job - I was quite impressed with how responsive Tracy B-D was.

Red Green Nick said...

that should be other candidates!