Monday, 10 August 2009

Dot Eco Domain Name

The former US vice president, Al Gore, is backing the creation of a new green .eco domain name which would then be used to host sites supporting environmental causes.

"This is a truly exciting opportunity for the environmental movement and for the internet as a whole," said Mr Gore. Dot Eco plans to apply to ICANN - the regulatory body that oversees domain names - for the creation of .eco later in 2009.

The firm said proceeds from the registration would be used to fund research on climate change and other environmental issues.

Big Room a Canadian environment group has just launched a rival bid to control .eco, both groups have 2010 as the potential go live date for .eco domain name. Big Room is a consortium which includes organisation like WWF International and Green Cross, also believe that .eco could be used as a labelling system to endorse companies with green credentials.

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Green Cross

I think the difficulty will be distinguising between greenwash and the real thing.
Green or not Green; that is a question:
'Eco Towns'
Beyond Petroleum
Guardian on Greenwash
These sites seem to be having trouble;

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shinn said...

In the advent of "green jobs", I believe that this would would really be a profitable endeavor. Let's do a domain name search first though.