Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Toxic Airlines Poisons Passengers

As if there wern't enough reasons to stop flying, along comes a film.

Aircraft supply unfiltered air to breathe taken directly from the engines? Evidence confirms passengers and crews are suffering serious adverse health consequences of inhaling contaminated air on commercial aircraft. Evidence confirms flight safety is being compromised. Commercial aircraft have no detection systems fitted to warn the pilots or the passengers of these exposures. is the film that reveals the full story and the film has triggered 2 calls for a public inquiry in the United Kingdom and was the recent focus of a CNN special.

The acclaimed investigative documentary 'Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines' made by former British airline captain Tristan Loraine and Multi award winning Fact Not Fiction Films is available on DVD.

'A ground-breaking documentary that raises serious questions about the air that passengers breathe.' The Daily Telegraph

'This is one of the most important whistleblower films to date - powerful and emotional.' Holiday Travel Watch

It premiered in Paris in November 2007. The film had a limited theatrical release in the United Kingdom in 2008.

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