Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Norwich North Candidates

The National media havent done that much on the Norwich North by election yet, but there are some interesting stories.

Expected to win are the Tories, Chloe Smith has a leaflet that says she is a Taurus who like Dan Brown films, serious politics here. She met and William Hague in an Asda, so helping local shops is not high on her agenda either. Their campaign HQ is a church!

Labour candidate Chris Ostrowski has been sent in from London, though he does have some Norwich links from his University days. The local party are furious with the way Dr Ian Gibson was treated and the lack of activists may see them struggle to come second. It turns out Ostrowski is an ex Tory

Running an extremely negative campaign is April Pond, who fears the Greens beating her to third place. She has put out several leaflets misquoting the Greens, refused to sign a clean politics pledge, leading to Tory blogger Ian Dale doing some digging on 'Moatgate'. One campaign slogan 'From Norwich, For Norwich' sounds good, but here in Reading West the LD candidate is an Oxford man, he may not like it so much.

Green Party Dr Rupert Read, philosopher (Wittgenstein etc.) University of East Anglia website blog First on Easter Euro List for the Green Party.

UKIP have spent a fortune on advertising, but have very few posters in windows, indicating lots of money but little local support.

Craig Murray Ind (ex ambasador and author) "Put an honest man into Parliament" has been fly posting. It may be that he will be charged for the council removing them, and this could be added to his election expenses. His response is to say 'Totalitarian Dictatorships Are Very Tidy' . I have a lot of respect for Craig, after he blew the whistle on torture; but his campaign is confused.

Also standing:
Thomas Burridge (Libertarian) born 1991, Kings Lynn. Educated at Litcham High School.
Bill Holden (Independent) Contested Norwich North 2005 as an independent.
Alan Hope (Offical Monster Raving Loony)
Robert West (BNP) Who set up his own church. Former Tory Linconshire District councillor, elected as a Conservative but defected to the BNP in 2006.
Peter Baggs (Independent)
Anne Fryatt (NOTA) None Of The Above

Norwich local paper on the election

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The Green party would actually get more votes if half of their supporters did'nt recycle the ballot paper.