Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Norwich North By Election

Being in Norwich for their by election is really inspiring. Many high profile figures are coming here in the next few weeks, joining a group of volunteers from around the country. There is a real buzz here, helped by some good media coverage, and the fact that for once a by election has happened next to a target seat.

Yesterday I campaigned with Jean Lambert MEP, today I heard Tony Juniper (Cambridge PPC) give an inspirational speech. In the next few days Sian Berry (London Mayorall candidate) is coming to town, then Peter Tatchell (Oxford East PPC).

The response from canvassing is really good, and we have lots of posters up. I have seen a few LD 'winning here' posters but they realistically can only dream of coming 3rd. UKIP have spent some serious money on giant advertisments, but I have yet to see a single poster on a house. There are a few Tory posters, which shouldn't be surprising, much of Broadlands is strong territory for them. I predict a vast increase in the Green vote from 2005, probably not enough to win, but we could come close.

So come on Greens, get down here and make a difference. Or help by raising money or telephone canvassing. Or help Brighton with their ward by election also on the 23rd July.

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