Saturday, 18 July 2009

New Labour Candidate Naz Sarkar IDR Quiz

Oh dear,the recently selected Naz Sarkar has had a tough time on a radio interview. He does have some local connections, but didn't know what 'IDR' stands for (though its not actually in Reading West anyway). This is not a good, but then anyone can get caught out not knowing something; anyone remember Nick Clegg not knowing how much was the state pension? "I think it's about £30 quid now, isn't it?" When the basic pension at the time was £90.70 a week for a single person and £145.45 for a couple.

When I became a General Election candidate in 2005 I was interviewed on a local radio station, and I made mistakes. They asked 'what are the 3 B's associated with Reading, I had lived here for 5 years at that time, and visited the local museum so could remember biscuits and bulbs, but forgot about beer. I would have thought beer was made in most big towns anyway.

The other reading bloggers are not being very kind about Naz, driving it to over 3000 youtube hits so far.
cllr dave luckett
richard willis
Howard Thomas

Nationally Ian Dale has also pounced on it.


howard thomas said...

No need to be kind here.
Naz is the man who is trying his best to be 'local' when it is quite clear that he is not.
Thats called being bloody silly in my book!
I also wondered today if Naz was the best candidate for the Reading West seat for Labour , then exactly how bad were the others?
He kept going on about 10% cuts and as a maths teacher he should be able to work out that this balls up of his is 99.9% his own fault!
Good luck Naz ---you will need it!

Adrian Windisch said...

Yes he should have handled that better, he should have been briefed by his party on the one way IDR fiasco. And known which constituency it was in.

I just dont like it when everyone jumps on someone whos mistake isnt as bad as they imply.

howard thomas said...

Bottom line is Adrian is that if he had told the truth he would not have looked so silly!
If he had admitted that his local links were the fact just that he had a job in Reading ,and that he loved the place and wanted to learn much more, he could have been excused-----but he didn't-----therefore he has brought it all on himself.
Truth is always the best policy,as I,m sure you will agree.

Adrian Windisch said...

It does leave you open to attack though, just read

"Adrian Windisch, as the Green Party candidate, can't help himself from wallowing empathetically in the pain of his competitor and compares it to other gaffes - including one of his own, where he failed to remember what Reading's renowned '3B's' are.