Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Glastonbury June 2009

Another year, another wet Glastonbury. It showered and was very hot most days, which sometimes turned the site into a muddy field.

I enjoyed some of the acts, but mostly the campaigning areas. They included;
Green Economics Institute,
Oxfam campaign till you are blue in the face,
Water Aid
Greenpeace recreated Sipson village as part of their airplot campaign opposing Heathrow expansion,

Synchronised Swim with the CND campaigners.

Green TV has some great videos of events. And BBC4 are showing lots of the bands, and you get a much better view there than on site, particularly of the more popular acts, where there is mud, people pushing and shoving to get a better view, and talking.

My favourite moment was meeting Jonny Ball (think of a number) and encouraging him to attend Ben Goldacre Bad Science talk at the Green Forum.

The morning cleanup


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