Friday, 19 June 2009

Expenses (Not) Revealed

So all is revealed at last. Except of course it isn't, as you can see above, much of it is blanked out. This particular page is from Martin Salter MP Communication allowance 07/08. What is revealed is he spent thousands with Public Impact, MD John Howarth; who was behind the failed one way IDR plan.

He also paid 1 years webhosting with email antivirus £225; but his website was down and rarely updated that year.

No one wants peoples personal or bank details to be revealed, but this is a joke.

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howard thomas said...

This blanking fudge of a publication that involves something in excess of a million documents is what we would have got in total if it were not for the Telegraph. Full marks to them for their revelations, and perhaps we should nominate the whistleblower that made all this possible for an honour for services to the public at large!
Strange to note that Blair was the only one to have the foresight of getting something really useful with his expense account-----a shredder!