Friday, 29 May 2009

New Poll Good For Greens, Good For The Country

A new poll from Populus has Greens on a high, and with the current mood against the main parties this may continue. It may lead to an increase in the number of Green MEPs, reducing them from the tarnished 3 big parties and the pointless UKIP would be a good result for the country.

Party % of vote
Con 30%
UKIP 19%
Lab 16%
LibDem 12%
Green 10%
BNP 5%

And this without the massive spending displayed by the other parties, billboards and advertising don't always work.

Party Donations
Tories £ 5,514,300
Labour £ 2,904,996
Lib Dems £ 1,492,769
UKIP £ 462,949
Green £ 21,680

I can see who gives the best value, invest now.
hattip Jim Jay

Campaign group Open Europe rated the Green Party's leader Caroline Lucas as the joint best British MEP on accountability, transparency and reform.

* In 2005, three Labour MEPs voted against obliging MEPs to produce receipts for their travel expenses.
* Nirj Deva, Conservative MEP, used an official trip to Barbados to lobby on behalf of a plastic bag company!
* Labour MEP defends European Parliament’s ‘sign in, sod off’ culture: “At least you have to turn up to claim any allowance”!
* Near the bottom is pro Iraq war Lib Dem Baroness Nicholson, good riddance
* Wooden spoon to Conservative MEP David Sumberg who ranks last among all British MEPs, and 711th out of 785 of all MEPs.
* Gold star to the Greens, who of the political parties in the UK, showed the strongest performance.
* No stars to UKIP were the worst party.

UPDATE: eagle eyed readers noticed a typo in the poll numbers, confusing the polls mentioned on the link. My apologies.


howard thomas said...

There is a technical problem with this post --------the percentages add up to 111%---oooops!


"the pointless UKIP" - they certainly have a point and Nigel Farage is a good front man. As you rightly say though, the Green Party, UKIP and the BNP will benefit from the spring cleaning within Whitehall.


Why don't you - Howard Thomas create a blog? Your views are valid yet to date you're blogless.

howard thomas said...

Gideon Mack----I'm not completely blogless because I do one on the Post website.
However sometime soon we are going to have a website for the Commonsense party and at that time it would make sense to start one there. The Commonsense party bases its policies on public opinion and we have no intention of being overlooked by the media---or the public.
With regard to the European election this is an ideal opportunity for the electorate to vote for a 'pointless' party like UKIP. Lets face it ---the 'big 3' parties all promised us a referendum on the EU constitreaty. Labour and the LDs went back on their promise and the Tories,despite promising us a vote, know full well that by the time they get to be in power, it is likely to be too late ,because the Irish will have been bribed to come up with the 'right' result in a 2nd poll!
Therefore we won't get a vote unless there is a general election very soon!
What does public opinion say about that? Sums up our politicians really --they lie!
My vote will be going to the pointless UKIP on this occasion.

Adrian Windisch said...

Well spotted chaps, I stand corrected.

UKIP are pointless because they have achieved nothing in their time in parliament, except to join the gravy train. It doesn't matter what % vote they get, they can't achieve what they want in a Euro Election.

People vote for them to register a protest, but the raving loonies make more sense. Or the Roman Party Ave!

Howard, I suppose this isn't you?

Adrian Windisch said...

latest Sunday Telegraph/ICm poll

Con 29 (-1)
Lib Dem 20 (+2)
Lab 17 (-7)
Green 11 (+1)
UKIP 10 (nc)
BNP 5 (+4)

howard thomas said...

Definitely not the first blog---although most amusing---2nd obviously the one.
Good to see that the figures add up now----all that seems to be consistant with all these polls is to put the Tories in front,the BNP last of the 'main' contenders and all the rest in any order.
I read a poll in the Mail just now that was vastly different to your example , but still kept first and last consistant.
I will vote UKIP purely because I want to register the fact that I want a vote on the constitreaty.
I,m sure your leader(whose name ecapes me for a moment) will get back in----she does come across as a very guenuine and proper person.

It might interest you to look at the Tory list for the South west area ----their no. 1 name has been involved in expenses scandels in the past and yet he is virtually guaranteed a seat----so much for Cameron's tough stance!

Adrian Windisch said...

A Green vote is also a vote for a referendum on the constitution. The Green Leader is Caroline Lucas, who is one on the best known MEPs nationally.

SW Tory is Neil Parish MEP, who according to this
is as guilty as Nigel Farage and Nirj Deva.

howard thomas said...

If ,as you say , the Greens are for a referendum then that can only be good. Without doubt Labour and Libdems lied and the Tories are boxing clever by pretending that they want one ,when in reality the chances of it happening are small!