Saturday, 23 May 2009

Greens In The Media

Normally you can go for weeks without hearing any Greens in the media, during elections things are a little different.

Caroline Lucas On 'Any Questions' Radio 4

Darren Johnson is due to be interviewed for BBC News Channel.

Green Euro-candidate Richard Mallender on the Politics Show about 34 mins in, with the excellent Richard Mallender calling for Green jobs about 38 mins in, and an academic saying the Greens might be in with a good chance.

Ricky Knight on the Politics Show ..about 35 minutes in..

However we've had UKIP on Question Time for the last 2 weeks, and no Greens.


Adrian Windisch said...

GP launch 35 mins into

GreenCurmudgeon said...

I think the media favours UKIP because their candidates tend to be better at getting a rise out of the audience, whereas Green politicians appeal to reason. Let's assume that media people are as sensationalist as their advertising counterparts.