Monday, 11 May 2009

Closing Wind Turbine Factory Petition

The UK has virtually no wind turbine production and that what we do have is shutting down. 600 jobs are going in Newport, Isle of Wight at Vestas who are the largest wind turbine manufacturer in the world.

"Closure of turbine factory takes the wind out of Britain's low-carbon sails"

"Vestas to cut 600 jobs in Britain as wind turbine market is becalmed in Northern Europe"

Vestas, the Danish company that supplies 20 per cent of the global wind turbine market, said that it was cutting a total of 1,900 jobs in Denmark and at its blade manufacturing and research plant at Newport on the Isle of Wight. The company cited sluggish demand for turbines in the UK and elsewhere in Northern Europe, in contrast to booming wind energy sales in China and the United States.

The UK ranks close to the bottom of the European league table for the proportion of electricity generated from renewable energy, above only Luxembourg and Malta. Renewables supply about 5 per cent of UK electricity and 1.3 per cent of total energy.


The Guardian article highlights the total mess that UK wind is in. We
are going to need those new, efficient, unabated coal powered stations.

Here is a petition set up by the Vestas employees.
petitions number10N


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