Thursday, 2 April 2009

War on Want No Sweat day of action against Primark 4th April

Guest Post from War on Want

Hi everyone!

1. Day of Action against Primark – Saturday 4 April in London and Brighton

War on Want is supporting a No Sweat day of action against Primark, which continues to make huge profits off the back of exploiting workers in their supply chains.

To highlight this continued abuse and to call for a living wage, fair working hours and conditions and freedom of association, demonstrations featuring a mobile fashion show will take place outside Primark stores in London and Brighton on Saturday. We do not call for a boycott but instead for proper regulation of corporations around the world that will stop sweatshop abuse across the garment industry.

For the exact locations and times, please see:

For more information about War on Want’s Supermarkets and Sweatshops campaign, please see:

2. Thanks for your support!

A huge thank you to all the War on Want supporters and activists who took part in the Put People First march on Saturday 28th March and those who were at the Financial Fools demonstration at the Bank of England yesterday.

Footage from the Put People First March here:

Footage from the Financial Fools demonstration here:

To find out about War on Want’s demands around the financial crisis, please see here:

Thank you and Solidarity,

War on Want

Two anti-poverty groups has been refused entry to today's G20 summit after allegedly having its accreditation withdrawn. War on Want and the World Development Movement (WDM) had both been given approval to attend the event in London's Docklands. The WDM said last night that its accreditation had been withdrawn, and War on Want revealed today it had also been prevented from sending a representative.

John Hilary, executive director of War on Want, said he had travelled to the ExCel Centre this morning to attend the summit only to be told that he was no longer accredited. At first the organisers told him a "computer glitch" was responsible, but further inquiries revealed that he had been barred, he said. Hilary said he did not know whether No 10 or the Foreign Office had withdrawn his accreditation.

"It's certainly someone within the government who clearly feels there's a need to keep out groups who will stand up for the people they represent," he said. "It smacks of desperation on the part of the government. What have they got to hide?"

Police have been criticised for the force they used to break up protests yesterday, with baton-wielding officers said to be pushing through a line of tents and bicycles and charging a sit-down protest.

One photographer has also contacted the Guardian alleging police prevented him doing his job and attacked him, leaving him with a broken arm. He said he was furious at the treatment by officers who appeared to be lost in a "red mist" of anger. "I covered the poll tax riots,

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