Friday, 24 April 2009

New Phone Masts A Waste Of Energy

A recent report shows huge energy wastage from mobile phone masts. What the network wastes every year would power several big city tram systems or 68,000 homes, say Greens.

Competition between mobile phone companies is wasting almost 300 GWh a year due to duplication of telephone network equipment, says a new report from the Green Party.
According to the report, to be published Monday 20 April, the amount of energy currently wasted by the mobile phone networks would be enough to:
Run almost a third of the London Underground.
Power seven Docklands Light Railways.
Keep the Blackpool Tramway going for 137 years.
Meet the electricity needs of around 68,000 homes.

The report, Better Together, argues that mobile phone companies must cooperate to cut the industry's emissions as part of Britain's fight against climate change.
Darren Johnson AM, the Green Party’s spokesperson on trade and industry, commented today:“The government should require mobile phone operators to share facilities.
“They would save money, cut CO2 emissions and provide the same level of signal cover with fewer masts.

“In the short-term operators could be required to share base stations at times of low demand. The government should direct Ofcom to ensure that the sharing of the new 800 MHz frequency band is done in a way that is energy efficient.”
“Ultimately they could build new shared infrastructure. They could cooperate on a ‘super-network’.” He concluded: “With the climate crisis deepening, Britain can’t afford this amount of gratuitous waste."

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