Thursday, 23 April 2009

Biofuel plant proposed in London

The company Blue NG has applied to the London Borough of Ealing Council for planning permission to build a new electricity power station burning biofuels. Blue NG is a subsidiary of the National Grid and start up company 2OC. They have stated that they plan eight biofuel power plants initially, and they have spoken of a possible 43 in the media.

Last year, over 100 organisations worldwide signed an Open Letter opposing those plans. Food Not Fuel (London) are also campaigning against Blue NG's power plant (see: - if you live in London and would like to find out more about that group, please email .

Blue NG's Southall plant alone will burn around 76,000 litres of vegetable oil per day to supply 18 MW of electricity. If the eight plants planned by Blue NG in their ‘pilot programme’ go ahead, they might use up approximately 8% of the rapeseed oil produced in the UK – that is if only rapeseed oil was used. Blue NG has not made any binding commitment to not use palm oil. When Biofuelwatch asked the company last year if they would issue a written guarantee that they would not burn palm oil, Blue NG
refused/failed to provide this.

Please edit the text of the letter on the webpage and also the subject line if at all possible, making sure that you quote the reference number P/2009/0780 in any communication.

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To find the alert and to object against a planning application for a biuofuel power plant in Southall, Ealing, East London, please go to

Please note that this alert is for people living in the UK only. If you do not live in the UK, please do not take part in the alert.

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