Friday, 6 March 2009

Is Gordon Brown the new Mugabe?

Recently I referred to Labour adopting some Zimbabwe like policies in its attitude to the law. The Labour cabinet tried to blame Fred Goodwin for their own incompetence in giving him a vast pension.

Today they are attempting to get us out of the economic crisis they caused by printing money. Being Labour they spin it with the term 'quantitative easing', which sounds like something a fat cat does after too big a dinner. But isn't printing money one of the causes of this crisis in the first place? Too much credit to those who couldn't afford it led to our current problems, can it really be the way out of them? It seems to me that following the financial lead of Robert Mugabe will cause our currency to devalue.

On political elections Labour are also following the lead of Mugabe. Labour politicians attempted to use fraud to stay in power in Birmingham and here in Redlands Ward, Reading. While in Zimbabwe they 'bypass normal governmental procedures'

On i.d. cards also Gordon Brown shows similarities to Zimbabwe.

On civil liberties, Brown is keen on holding suspects for 42 days, while in Zimbabwe Mugabe simply 'drives out the trash'

When Brown says 'British jobs For British people', Mugabwe grabs land from farmers to give to his supporters.

Brown wasn't elected to the PM role, Mugabe fixed his own election.

Clearly Brown has seen the future, why bother with those difficult elections when you get power without them. Any dissenters, why not lock them up without trial.

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