Saturday, 21 March 2009

Green Party Spring Conference Blackpool

I've been twittering from the Blackpool Conference, see or for other Green tweets.

As always its a hectic few days, and an emotional roller-coaster. Full of joy at getting some good motions passed, and the disappointments of knowing that in some cases you will have to try harder next time. We have great local coverage of the conference, see pic above of a local news-stand, and items on TV.

Peter Cranie, North West Region Euro Election Candidate, opened the spring Green Party conference. He referred to the 'scumbag millionaires' running our economy. Good phrase.

Panel debate "The failure of the 'growth economy".
We heard speeches discussing how getting the economy back to where it was last year will not fix things, but take us back to last years problem. A steady state economy on the other hand accepts the idea that continued economic growth isn't sustainable. Resources are limited, we only have one planet.

Emergency motion against Heathrow expansion overwhelmingly carried.

Passed that motions on domestic abuse (including domestic violence), gender and asylum got through happily yesterday.

An inspring speech from the party leader Caroline Lucas. She compared making policy here with the grey parties on board millionaires yachts. Excellent ponits about the need for a New Green Deal. She said that this government has betrayed us, they have sold their souls to vested interest. Caroline mentioned Mandleson as an example. In contrast Greens make a difference. Nuclear and coal a distraction from brown for energy policy. They are dirty & dangerous, part of a brown new deal, not a green one.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, scumbag millionaire! What a line. Shouldn't it be the scumbag millionaires RUINING our economy instead of running it? They're not really the ones who are running it. In truth, no one really is. That's the madness of it all.

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