Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Age Of Stupid

This weekend sees the premiere of a new film, The Age Of Stupid. Its a ground-breaking film about climate change which Greenpeace is whole-heartedly supporting. Part drama and part documentary, it stars Pete Postlethwaite as a man looking back from the year 2055 and wondering why we didn't do something about climate change when we had the chance.

Unlike other film premieres which happen at just one swanky cinema, The Age Of Stupid will be rolling out the red carpet in over 60 different cinemas across the UK this Sunday. Tickets are on sale now for the People's Premiere in venues from Plymouth to Inverness and while a few venues have already sold out, there are still tickets left.

Buy your Age Of Stupid tickets for Sunday 15 March

Directed by Franny Armstrong, who also made the documentary about the McLibel case, The Age Of Stupid features stories from people who are already being affected by climate change, from India and Iraq to Nigeria and the UK.

But the story doesn't end when the credits roll. The Age Of Stupid team want everyone who sees the film to get involved with the growing campaign to get our elected leaders to do something about climate change now.

Going to the People's Premiere won't just be a night out at the cinema (although that's always a good thing), you'll also be helping the film to be shown in even more cinemas. If films do well when they open, they'll be booked in for longer and picked up by other cinemas.

So buy your tickets see the film - make an event of it and take some friends! If you can't make the premiere, it opens nationwide on Friday 20 March and ticket sales from that first full weekend will also influence how far the film travels.

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