Monday, 5 January 2009

Images from Sunseed Dec 2008

Almeria 1974, this is the firat in a set of before and after pictures.
Almeria 1974

Almeria 1987, you can see some of the land by the coast getting covered in plastic greenhouses
Almeria 1987

Almeria 2004, all the available land is covered, to grow chmically intensive vegetables for the european market. Its bad for the soil, the workers live in terrible conditions, its bad for the environment. But supermarkets get to sell us cheap out of season produce, the real cost of cheap food.
Almeria 2004

Jeff on the roof

Gardens 1

Garden Love
Garden Love

Curvey Irrigation
Garden Irrigation 2

Gardens view
Garden View

Dryland Terrace
Dryland terrace

Agave 2

The Mills
The Mills

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