Thursday, 15 January 2009

Brown Not Green At Heathrow

Until today Brown has had over a year in power, and he has yet to convince anyone that he takes the environment seriously. Then today he decides to go ahead with a third runway at Heathrow, putting us definitely among the climate criminals. Being Labour they pretend that that any increase in emissions will be stopped in a cunning plan, but they are not counting the emissions needed to build that massive structure, and who believes any of their promises anymore?

Labour politicians in the region have quite a job now to persuade their constituents that they are really against this. Leaving the Labour party would convince me, but instead John McDonnell, the local MP for Heathrow, picked up the mace as a protest. Others will also try and distance themselves, and the other parties will make lots of noise, but do little constructive. The Tories if they win the next election can just get rid of this, but it may take some time before this, and millions will be wasted on feasibility studies and the planning process till then.

You can join Greenpeace in their action to stop the runway with Airplot. Actress Emma Thompson, comedian Alistair McGowan and many others part own a small piece of land within the site of the proposed third runway at Heathrow, and you can be a part of it as well. We now need you to join us - become a beneficial owner of the land and stand with us against aviation expansion.

Sign up for a bit of Airplot and join over 10,000 other Airplot owners to become a part of the opposition that’s going to stop the runway.

If expansion goes ahead Heathrow will become the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions in the whole country. The government's plans to expand airports across the UK will make it impossible for us to meet our commitment to reduce emissions and stop runaway climate change. Sign up on our website to get your own piece of Airplot and help us block the government's plans to build a third runway.

There will be many ways you can get involved in the years it will take to get the runway through the planning process, and we will need your creativity and energy to make sure the runway never gets built. Today we want to flood Downing Street with emails, calls and faxes from Airplot owners – to make sure Gordon Brown know that Heathrow's third runway will never be built, and that supporting it leaves his environmental credentials in tatters. Let's make it clear that this is an election issue, and that we're not going to vote for aviation expansion.

When you've signed up to Airplot, let Gordon know that you have and that you now own a bit of his runway and he's not going to get it back. Email, call or fax No.10:

* Go to to email
* Call No.10 switchboard on 020 7930 4433 and ask them to take a message
* You can fax No 10 on 020 7925 0918

It's probably also worth pointing out that you won't vote for a party that supports aviation expansion, and that beating climate change and building more runways are completely incompatible. If we can overload the Prime Minister's fax machine, maybe he'll get the message.

We are not going to let this new runway be built. Sign up today to join the plot, and let Gordon know. If we're serious about tackling climate change, we have to stop airport expansion.


Adrian Windisch said...

I just bought a plot, and sent Brown the following email.

'I oppose your action to greatly increase emissions by building a new runway at Heathrow. Most local people and parties oppose this. There is no such thing as a green runway. I have just bought a plot of land and will oppose you.

Please stop wasting our time and money on this doomed to fail plan. Do something useful, invest in renewable energy, sustainable transport. If all else fails just retire and hope someone more capable comes along.'

Adrian Windisch said...
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Adrian Windisch said...

You can see a clip of
Labour MP John McDonnell protesting at

Derek Wall said...

Ballot papers going out for Britain's second largest union General Secretary, please spread the word about the one candidate in the race who wants to stop Heathrow expansion

'Backing nuclear power and Heathrow expansion is a disgrace. Wreaking havoc on the environment in the name of jobs is without vision and a falsehood.

An immediate public works programme building schools, hospitals, council houses and raliways would create 100,000 jobs. Renewable energies such as wind, sea and solar can provide a million new jobs', argues Jerry Hicks