Saturday, 29 November 2008

You couldnt make it up

Thanks Guido for the Cartoon, this really is one step closer to Zimbabwe.

A Tory MP gets arrested for using information that will embarrass the government. Didn't Gordon Brown do exactly this for years in opposition? Don't many opposition MPs and journalists behave similarly, and have got away with this for years?

The ever quotable Labour MP Martin Salter has bucked the trend of MPs rushing to defend the Tory MP Damian Green and come out in favour of this action, saying he has crossed a line. He crossed Labour, and thats enough for the powers that be. Will anyone believe Home Secretary Jackie Smith when she claims to know nothing about it? David Cameron and Boris Johnston were informed, is it possible they didn't tell her? She is either not in controll of her department or lying, and most people so far seem to think its the latter so far.

Its one thing to go after people revealing secrets that will damage to security of the country, but quite another to bully people into not revealing embarrassing government mistakes. If they can't tell the difference, they shouyld resign.

People have been talking about other uses of the terrorist police; Walter Wolfgang at Labour Party conference for heckling, Iceland for being in debt, Brian Haw for continuing to protest,
And local councils using them to spy on people using bins! Also Maya Anne Evans, a vegan cook from Hastings, was found guilty of breaching Section 132 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act for reading out names of soldiers killed in Iraq at central London's Cenotaph. So far I would have given a medal to most of these people, not arrest them. Then theres the Aldermaston Womens Peace Camp, arrested for making a camp fire !

The thing that bothers people is the deployment of counter terrorism police and the government's willingness to use counter terror legislation after a promised that they wouldn't.

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