Friday, 3 October 2008

The Mandelson Returns

So much has happened in the last week, but I've been to busy to blog recently. The Credit crunch continues, the USA has an unpopular plan to tax people to support the stock exchange/Banksters. Then there's the VP debate, Sara Palin Vs Jo Biden, the Tory conference and Boris getting Ian Blair to quit.

The Blair affair is another example of how Labour have seriously misjudged the consequences of their actions, policy that was not thought through. They thought it was safe to devolve power to London and Scotland, and the populations would gratefully vote for them. Well gratitude doesn't often happen on politics (they've not thanked the millions of people who helpfully warned them about Iraq) and in the last few years they have been losing what power they had. So now a constitutional argument between the mayor and home secretary, who has the power to hire and fire the Met Police commissioner.

The most amazing thing to me in the last week is the return of Peter Mandelson, one of the architects of New Labour, who was forced to resign twice as a cabinet minster for his incompetence and corruption. And in the name of 'stability' Gordon Clown gives him another go! I thought it was a disgrace that he was representing this country at the European level, even though its where we traditionally have sent those who embarrassing to remain (e.g. Neil Kinnock). So what is the betting on him not lasting long? Actually its '10/1 that Mr Mandelson will leave his new cabinet role before the next General Election!' There's confidence that history will repeat itself.

Lets not forget, he is a ‘fighter not a quitter’, as he said before resigning, again. Musical tribute News Clip

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