Thursday, 23 October 2008

Its Energy Saving Week

It's time to make a difference and start saving, money as well as energy.

Its Energy Saving Week and this year's theme is Green/Life Balance, we are getting busier, working harder and have less time to do the things we want to do. A survey found that half of us say we would be greener if we had more time, and a third of us say our job is the main reason we don't have time to be green.

Houses in Britain leak heat, we can save scarce fuel resources as well as increasingly scarce money by getting them properly insulated. The thermal image above shows heat escaping through windows, doors as well as through the loft and floor. To start its easy to get your loft lagged, even the Dear Leader is talking about it, better late than never.

Even new houses arent as well insulated as they should be, we need higher standards.

Go forth and save energy. 

Here in Reading theres a thermal imaging service for of all Reading homes that will take place over the next three years, but to take up an insulation offer you can call 0845 390 9390. See

Cllr Sue Luxton also writes about this at

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