Thursday, 16 October 2008

AWE Flood Fears

I was a member of the Institute Of Civil Engineers for years, and grew bored of reading their magazine, New Civil Engineer. It seemed to be refusing to acknowledge climate change, so I quit about 5 years ago. So its with some surprise that I read an article of theirs about worrying floods at AWE Aldermarston. Things have definitely changed.


They also have a survey; 'Gordon Brown has taken a hammering with 75% of respondents to NCE's exclusive civil engineering survey saying he was not doing a good job overall. In particular the management of the economy, transport and of energy were singled out as poorly managed by government.'

And don't forget, blockade AWE Monday 27th October 2008.

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scott redding said...

Have you read this? Channel 4 News had a lengthy story on this a few days ago.