Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Tesco Vs Denmark

The shape of things to come?

Armando Iannucci's BBC2 show looking back from 2031 on news from the preceding 25 years, in which Tesco, having opened stores in every square mile of Britain, invades Denmark. The war lasts five hours and Tesco wins.

By 2006 Tesco already accounts for £1 in every £8 spent in shops in Britain. Tesco now controls over 30% of the grocery market in the UK. But at Tesco, they look at this and draw the conclusion that there's a lot still to go for. Like it or not, £1 in £5 suddenly seems a realistic target.

Local campaigns include:
PINBAT, People in North Berwick Against Tesco,
PCATS, Portabello Campaign Against the Superstore, Edinburgh,
SCAMROD, The Sheringham Campaign Against Major Retail Over-development,
HASSLE, Hereford Against Supermarkets Squashing our Local Economy,
South Liverpool Anti Tesco League, Mather Avenue, Liverpool,
RATS, Residents Against Tesco Supermarket, South Molton, Devon,
Stop Unthank Tesco, Unthank Road, Norwich,
CROSS, Campaign of Residents Opposing a Second Supermarket, Rye, Sussex,
Tesco town campaign, Inverness,
Save our Stewatry Shops and Tescodecontruct, Castle Douglas,
TESCNO, Traders Enduring Supermarket's Continued New Openings, Colchester,
ATAC, Gerrards Cross Anti Tesco Campaign, Gerrards Cross and CAASH,
Campaign Against Another Supermarket in Hadleigh,
and many more ...


Jim Jay said...


The anti-Tesco campaigns round my way (cambridge) have done remarkably well and I'd advise any local group to hook up with successful partners across the country and you'll soon realise that Tesco can and are being beaten when people get together and oppose them.

For us this means they've not been able to open a store in an area that has the highest density of independent shops in the country and, out of town, they've pulled out of building an entire "eco"town.

These people are not unstoppable - I just wish we could drive them back rather than simply slow their expansion.

Adrian Windisch said...

Well done Jim, in Reading they opened a huge store recently near me, now over 7 local shops have shut. There is talk of them opening 2 express stores around town.

They are so big people see their victory as inevitable, and don't fight, so your storey is heartening.