Thursday, 4 September 2008

Petition To Stop Deportation Of Burmese Campaigner

Theres a petition to halt the deportation of one of the founding members of Burma Political Forum. Min Hein has been an active member of the democratic movement for Burma in the UK during the time that he has been here.

We are asking the Home Office to halt the deportation process so that all the relevant and up to date information can be considered for his asylum application. It has been documented that the deportees who are known to the military regime are intimidated and detained and worse still, tortured. There is a high likelihood that Min Hein would be known to the regime.

Please take one minute to sign this petition and confirm your signature-

Please forward this email to your contacts with a personalised message by you. We are printing the final list of signatories on Thursday ready for his meeting with the lawyer.

Thank you comrades. May you continue to fight for Burma's freedom and welfare!

Burma Political Forum.

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