Thursday, 28 August 2008

Olympic Closing Ceremony laughing stock

If we had a choice of who would represent our country, would anyone choose the singer Leona Lewis and Led Zeppelin's guitarist Jimmy Page? Well someone chose them for the Olympics closing ceremony, "the laughing stock of the world" is how some describe it. And then theres 'that' logo. And a gurning Brown trying to get some good PR.

Now in 1977 Jimmy Page was considered a god of rock, but Led Zeppelin disbanded in 1980 and now I don't think many will have heard of him. I must admit of not heard of Leona Lewis, but then I don't watch X factor. Apparently she is big in the USA.

But compare Jimmy Page to Sir Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Rod Stewart or Brian May? To be a bit controversial we could have had Jonny Rotten with Cliff Richard. Wouldn't an international audience be more likely to have heard of any of them? And what about a Spice Girl instead of Leona Lewis? Or some famous Olympians like Sir Steve Redgrave/ Lord Coe/ Daly Thompson? And we are talking about bringing the games home, how about introducing Cricket or Rugby? We could have Ian Botham then!

Actually the games has been in Britain more than most countries, Wembley in 1948 and White City in 1908, perhaps its time to move it away from London! Its been in Paris twice 1900 & 1924, Berlin 1916 & 1936, Athens 1896 & 2004 and other cities only once.


scott redding said...

You're right about the "three times for London" and the logo. Not as sure about Jimmy Page and Led Zep being unknown. I think Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, and Mick Jagger are living off their 1970's reputations as well! I've added a link to Green Reading, could you add one to our blog?

Adrian Windisch said...

At least some of those people were big in the 80s and 90s, who can forget the frog chorus. Ive not heard of Jimmy Page since the 70s.

Im open to more suggestions, I dare say in 2012 it will be big news again.

Id rather have some people from the arts, not just music and sports. How about Tracy Emin/Banksy/ Damien Hirst/ Anthony Gormly.

John Reading said...

No disrespect intended but I'd hope one of my local politicians would be more in touch with modern UK cultural life!

Led Zeppelin reformed last year for a massively advertised concert in aid of charity which made massive headlines worldwide.

Similarly Leona Lewis has made history this year by topping the charts from Brazil to Japan, America to Australia, South Africa to China as well as most parts of the world in between. Yet you criticise the choice of Jimmy Page as being out of date and yet suggest a Spice Girl and Cliff bloody Richard!!!

Elsewhere, the UK doesn't have carte blanche to decide which sports are competed for at an Olympics - it is voted on by the IOC.

As for London hosting it for a third time - on both previous occasions it wasn't the originally selected city for the games but stepped in at short notice. Rome pulled out of hosting the 1908 games after Mount Vesuvius erupted. The 1948 games were awarded at short notice post WWII.

Adrian Windisch said...

Led Zep have indeed made one single appearance after a gap of 25 years. There is speculation about a tour later this year, but it may or may not happen, see press for details. And considering the long gap, they may sell few tickets.

So you say I'm correct about London hosting the games for the third time, ta. Perhaps I'm more touch with UK culture than I thought.