Saturday, 2 August 2008

Linux Versus Windows

After years of being frustrated by windows, and gradually weaning myself away from their products, today O took the big step and ditched them altogether. I'm using Ubuntu, a version of linux. So far its been quite straightforward. has some advice on the transition. It appears to be quite easy to get programs to run, including a firewall. Lets see how it goes. So far it appears that software is easily available and free. And things seem to be compatible with each other, windows is always finding fault with something.

Windows seem to build up more problems as time goes by, eventually people get frustrated and buy a new pc or laptop. This is expensive and wasteful.


Jim Killock said...

Hi Adrian

Be good to see how you get along. How technically minded are you? And what do you use your computer for?


Adrian Windisch said...

Hi Jim, i'm not at all technically minded with software, but I use computers a bit. So far ive got loads of software for my digital camera, playing mp3s and am now trying to get stuff for movies.

I mostly use it for emails/blogs/searching internet/spreadsheet and text documents. But I occasionally make movies for campaigns such as