Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Cost of Voting

Its interesting to see how much money and effort different parties put into elections, and compare them. The telegraph has donte this at

Labour's humiliating fifth place at June's by-election in Henley is just one of the factors which has contributed to the Government's current woes - and the party's 1,066 votes there didn't come cheap. Figures just released by the Returning Officer show that the Labour candidate, Readings own basher McKenzie, spent over £14,000 on his campaign, meaning that each vote (1066) cost him no less than £13.25. Their near bancupcy contributed.

Whilst the victorious Tories and second-placed Lib Dems virtually maxed out on their expenses - both spending in excess of £95,000.

The prize for efficiency goes to the Green candidate, Mark Stevenson, who came a respectable third. He spent a mere £1,055.75 to win his 1,321 votes - equivalent to only 80p per vote.

The Monster Raving Loony Party claims to have spent nothing on a campaign which elicited 242 votes from the good people of Henley. The BNP by contrast spent a fortune at £4,744 to get a paltry 1243 votes.

Eleventh-placed Louise-Anne Cole of the Miss Great Britain Party went through nearly £8,000 to win her 91 votes - equivalent to a mouth-watering £84.51 per vote. See where they get their money from at

Here's a reminder of the election result along with what each candidate spent:

Candidate (Party) Votes spent spent per vote
John Howell (Con) - 19,796 (£98,016.82) 4.95
Stephen Kearney (Lib Dem) - 9,680 (£95,237.36) 9.84
Mark Stevenson (Green) - 1,321 (£1,055.75) 0.80
Timothy Rait (BNP) - 1,243 (£4,744.06) 3.82
Richard McKenzie (Lab) - 1,066 (£14,121.42) 13.25
Chris Adams (UKIP) - 843 (£17,056.00) 20.23
Bananaman Owen (Loony) - 242 (nil) 0
Derek Allpass (Eng Dem) - 157 (£2,095.00) 13.34
Amanda Harrington (Miss GB) - 128 (£9,327.36) 72.87
Dick Rodgers (Common Good) - 121 (£447.41) 3.7
Louise Cole (Miss GB) - 91 (£7,690.59) 84.51
Harry Bear (Fur Play) - 73 (Return not submitted) (bad bad bear!)

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