Thursday, 24 July 2008

Prince Charles eco warrior

Prince Charles has converted his 38-year-old Aston Martin to run on biofuel made from surplus wine. The prince has also converted his other cars; Jaguars, an Audi and a Range Rover, to run on 100 percent biodiesel fuel made from used cooking oil.

While I applaud anyone reducing their carbon footprint, why on earth use some of the cars with the highest emissions. And why promote biodiesel when its becomming the excuse for the destruction of rainforests.

Aston Martins do about 19 mpg, and emit 360 g/kg CO2. A Range Rover does 18 mpg and emits 389 g/kg. An average car does 36 mpg and 171g/kg; about half. If Charles is serious he should get a smart car such as the electric fortwo ev-30kW, with zero emissions. If he needs something larger the Prius does near 100 mpg and 67 g/kg.

Charles has long had an interest in the environment, but his millionaire lifestyle rather diminishes his message. An annual review of Charles' accounts released said the prince made more than £16 million from property and investments between April 1, 2007, and March 31 this year, 7 percent more than in 2006-2007. Charles paid £3.4 million in tax, £5,000 less than the year before. Thanks to the Labour government for making millionaires pay less tax while the rest of us have to pay more. Funded by the rich, for the benefit of the rich.

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