Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Green Leadership

The election for leadership of the Green Party is coming soon, and candidates have started to declare themselves. First to declare was Caroline Lucas MEP for leader and Cllr Adrian Ramsay for deputy, see their websites at www.carolinelucas.org.uk and www.adrianramsay.org.uk. Nominations will close on Thursday 31st July, and will be followed by a postal ballot of all members of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Also standing as leader is Asley Gunstock http://ashleygunstock.blogspot.com/
and see his statement at http://weggis66.blogspot.com

Now I was not a big fan of our having a leader, but the Green Party voted for this and I am glad we have a selection of good candidates to choose from. Lets hope when we elect a leader we will get more media coverage, and be taken more seriously. Perhaps we also need a shadow green cabinet. But lets not go too far and become as corrupt and shallow as the bigger parties, who will say anything to appeal to the masses, no matter how contradictory.


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