Sunday, 20 July 2008

Gordon Is A .................(Warmonger)

Gordon Brown just can't seem to get anything right. After the fiasco of his home secretary wearing an armoured vest, saying that crime is so bad that she is scared to go out on her own, he does even worse. Not only wearing the body armour, but pictured next to a large machine gun, looking like a warmonger. It had been announced a few months ago that Gordon was getting staff specifically tasked with preventing these ridiculous photos. They've not had much sucess.

This image was taken in Baghdad, Mr Brown was chatting with the crew's gunner, who let go of the gun as he spoke. It swung around of its own accord and came to rest in front of the Prime Minister, incongruous in his dark blue suit and bulky flak jacket.

Brown is in Iraq on a one-day visit to British troops stationed in the country. He has used the trip to declare that Iraqi troops would soon be taking over Basra Airport, the main base for British forces. So why are British troops still needed there, as that was one of our main tasks?

He has said he intends to withdraw British troops, but has so far remained tight-lipped on exactly how many would leave, and when. During the non election fiasco last year he seemed to be announcing a timetable, that was quickly forgotten as he dithered over his decision. He pretends to support the troops, he would do that by withdrawing them all.

Last year he was described as Mr Bean, he is looking to me like he is trying to live up to the song from decades ago, 'Gordon is a Moron'. for those who can't remember.

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