Thursday, 17 July 2008

Glamour Politics

The Beauties For Britain party has stood candidates in the last three parliamentary by elections, but what do they stand for? It costs time and money to stand, and I was wondering if they are being sponsored, they are certainly getting lots of publicity.
Party founder and leader, Robert de Keyser, is Managing Director of de Keyser Fashions Ltd, perhaps they are using politics to sell themselves as a potential actress or for a career in fashion.

May 2008 Gemma Garrett, Crewe and Nantwich 113votes (0.3%) got 10th place

June 2008 the Beauties party had two candidates in Henley, an interesting vote splitting tactic. Amanda Harrington 128 votes, (0.4%) getting 9th place, and Louise Cole 91votes, (0.3%) getting 11th place.

July 2008 Gemma Garrett did much better in Haltemprice and Howden 521 votes, 2.2 %, in 5th place

Gemma Garrett has promised to "put beauty back into politics" by representing the Beauties For Britain party. She is in a Hollywood action film Direct Contact with Dolph Lundgren.

Asked if she could help out the Prime Minister currently grappling with the problems of the economy and a challenging result from the local elections she replied: "No, but I could maybe give him some advice on beauty products." Ms Garrett rejected claims that she was playing "pantomime politics" and accused Mr Davis of being "trivial" for standing down on the issue of 42-day detention. "Was his decision to step down purely principle or is he a little crazy?" she asked.
"We already have a 28-day thing in place anyway, so for the sake of 14 days I thought it was a little bit trivial."

According to Guido The Daily Mail and devils kitchen she is thinking of joining the Conservatives.


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